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Why Chemistry Over Calories September 19, 2021 Alternate Text

It’s fair to say that you are here with us to correct imbalances that have you in a rut. So, understanding the difference between actual hunger and the sensation could be seen as being important. Having control over your hunger is in your hands or should I say in your head.

You can turn the table on being subjected to your cravings. In fact, when you understand what happens in your body when you’re “ hungry” will give you the control you were hoping for.  

We have developed patterns that make us believe that “It’s time to eat”, and we’ve ignored the body’s natural signal and proper timing to eat. Simply thinking it’s time to eat can trigger a hormone that makes you hungry.  

That hormone is called GHRELIN and it is responsible for that gurgle or burn in your stomach signalling hunger.

The good news is that you can train your body within a few days to stop sending the hunger signal for breakfast thus allowing all the benefits of fasting.

The trick is knowing that at this time in your health, hunger is simply the thought of food that triggers ghrelin, and by pushing past that sensation will eventually have you not thinking of food. This, in turn, has you become a pro at fasting with ease.  

No longer feeling hungry at the time of day you used to feel hungry is controlled by the production of the hormone LEPTIN. Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain you are no longer hungry.

The short explication is as follows.  When we are able to control ghrelin by ignoring the hunger signal in the morning, we do not succumb to the feeling that we need to eat. What this does is control the leptin blocker known as INSULIN because insulin is produced when the body senses food has touched the salivary glands. When insulin is NOT present, the hormone leptin is able to signal the brain that we are not hungry and your fat is metabolized as fuel instead.

Therefore, it should be known that when you are in a fasted state the body has toggled from glucose as a fuel source to your own fat as a fuel source. It should also be known that while you are in a fasted state you have allowed your body to heal because it is not in the act of digestion but, rather, taking the nutrients from the well chosen foods and repairing or replacing dead or damaged cells.

Doing this every day, with the support of our formulas while on the program, will kick off a superior wellness path, putting you in full control of where you are headed.

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