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What An Exceptional Machine The Body Is September 19, 2022 Alternate Text

From the moment of conception, the body does nothing but build tissue, bone, and ecosystems. It is forever creating chemical reactions with life-sustaining fluids, building the unique cells that make up the various organs, glands, and the epicentre of it all, the brain. 


Spectacular are the conversations between human cells and the naturally occurring bacteria that keep us in a constant state of “living” and wellness at all costs. Toiling, without our conscious selves knowing just how hard. 


Are we not thrilled to know this? At all costs it is what we want because none of us are ever concerning ourselves with autoimmune issues when we are young. All we know is living! We cut ourselves and the body instantly steps in and heals the wound. We didn’t need to ask it to do anything. It didn’t wait a day or two to start. It is constantly on the ready without fail. 


However, here is the problem. Enter processed foods, fast foods, so-called healthy foods that are processed foods hiding behind the clever packaging that boast nutrition when in fact there are little nutrients to be had. And this choosing to consume things that are downright poison to the body and letting the body deal with it, and it does. 


Remember how the body will fight tooth and nail to stay alive? Well things like your teeth and nails are among the things that will suffer among other vital parts of your body. It’s a very simple explication as a matter of fact. What the body is looking and waiting for is simply the tools needed to live. The tools that are of good quality, fresh, and well-chosen nutrients, fresh clean water, proper rest, and the avoidance of toxins taken in through our environment. However, when it doesn’t get one or all of these things on a regular basis it will just take it from WITHIN in order to survive. The last thing we want is for our bones to be leached of calcium, our spine and joints to be leached of water and other minerals, or our organs to be on constant high alert from inflammation and swelling. Glands will be overworked and gut bacteria will be out of balance. This is called oxidation which is akin to rusting out from the inside, the beginning of well-known illnesses that are associated with autoimmune disorders. 


We are always one meal and one choice away from either helping ourselves or eroding ourselves and yet the body fights for us to stay alive at all costs. 


To live a life of chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, aches and pains, pills for every ailment and

with no apparent way out comes at too high a cost and often at too young an age. What we at iHEALTHe Wellness are all about is having the highest quality life and doing this by knowing what the body wants, how much it wants, and when it wants it, so that it can stop pulling it from itself until there is no more. 


Is reversing all these issues just about making the necessary changes? 


At this point, if we are in the throes of the ill effects of inflammation and autoimmune issues, we’ve all gone down the rabbit hole too far without needing further help. This is where our Health Canada Approved Homeopathic Formulas come into play. They were formulated to be the catalysts that stimulate the various systems that have taken on survival duties or have all together gone dormant. It does not trick or force the epic machine, that is the human body. Instead, it is there to support each of the intricate and necessary functions. 


With our proven strategies, our APEX31 Plan has brought countless people their vibrancy back. It isn’t enough to say that it has affected fat loss on an epic scale, when so many of our APEX31 Champions have regained numerous off-scale victories as well. All the things the body has been patiently waiting for have arrived and the magnificence the body once was can now be again.

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