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Survival or Creation April 10, 2023 Alternate Text

Our brains fire in patterns. When you do something or see something for the first time, a pattern is associated to that activity and stored within the brains filing system. Therefore, whenever that same activity is repeated there is a point of reference that you may react from and do so because of past experience. Since it is not something new, the reaction is merely plucked from your bank of files and executed upon pretty much the same way every time. What does this mean? Well, anything that is done for the very first time can be classified as “creating” and anything that is done from experience is like living a life in auto pilot; examples include walking, driving, taking a shower, and so on. If you pay attention to this “auto pilot” mode of being, you’ll notice that your mind is carrying on with the task at hand, while your thoughts are on other matters. We can do this because the set patterns are there to support this automatic response mode.

Consider this, you absorb new information and create new patterns from the moment you are born; this continues over the years until eventually all the things you do throughout a typical day are fully discovered or stored. What naturally occurs next is a life where every day problems come your way, big and small, and with your stored files, you can navigate through them. This can be described as “surviving” life. So, if day in and day out, all you do is survive the “problems” that typically arise, such as the “problem” of driving to work, or the “problem” of preparing a meal, shampooing your hair, etc., you end up living a life of mere “survival’ and not a life where there still exists creation. Survival is fine but it is an existence that would be far less stimulating than a life peppered with creation.

What is a problem? It usually has a negative connotation because it sounds like you have a situation to deal with that will give you no joy until it’s dealt with. The word problem doesn’t need to land that way. A problem can be a good thing provided you chose it yourself instead of it choosing you. In fact, when you create a problem of your choosing, you also get to create the path with which you will travel to arrive at that problem. As a human being, we are gifted with the ability to create a powerful life of our own choosing because we can choose a problem or goal any time we want and move towards it. The best things that ever happened to you in your life came from being in creation mode, not survival mode. For example, “I want to be an artist”. You now have chosen the problem and will spend years moving in the direction of your choosing to arrive at your goal. If you don’t choose a problem that you can spend your time focusing on and working out with passion, a problem will choose you and you will need to take actions to survive them.

Another example of merely surviving is failing to give attention to your personal wellness. The problem eventually becomes dealing with health issues, doctors visits and the need of medications. That is the definition of merely surviving one’s life. Instead, imagine choosing and creating the fantastic problem of WELLNESS! Instantly you can start moving towards managing your own wellness and taking steps in this direction. The idea of improving your quality of life is exciting but the first problem you face is “ what do I do so that I’m not wasting time, effort and money”? This is where a well-structured, proven and highly effective plan will prove to be very beneficial. It’s called APEX31. Choose the problem of wellness and we have the fastest and healthiest path to get you there.

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