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Positive BRAIN-ING March 27, 2022 Alternate Text

Hormonal issues? Gut issues? Life feels like an uphill climb all the time? Science shows that an unbalanced gut leads to a miserable existence. The mucous membrane in your intestinal system cannot be left in an acidic and toxic state. It needs to be balanced in bacteria and correct pH.

Here is why – Your world around you is all perception. It isn’t that experience can be felt only one way. How life unfolds for someone is determined by how each person’s perception of what they see the world as and what it in fact means to them. What something means to one person never has to be the only view for all people or we would all have exactly the same opinions on everything. 

Here is where it gets interesting. What you perceive is determined by what you see happening BUT, what you see is not determined by your eyes. Your eyes are merely the lens that your brain sees through. Your brain forms the perceived world you live in. 

HOWEVER, you have effect over the quality and meaning that your brain assigns everything. 

Chemistry is how you perceive the entire experience, and it’s rooted in the quality of your gut flora. 

It has been proven that your gut is your first brain and, without your awareness, the choices that have been made with your nourishment as well as the dependency on foods that create acidity, your brain has suffered the resulting imbalances. Your mood is determined by your gut. Your gut is telling your brain how you see the world. The worse the imbalance, the more difficult it is to perceive a positive mindset and feeling of abundance. 

Think of your body as a chemistry lab and how simple it would be to throw it all completely out of order. 

When most people are focused on watching calories, they are not necessarily focused on health. Calories are only fuel to be burned. The questions you need to ask yourself are, “Am I burning clean or dirty energy? Does that polluted burn release toxins throwing body chemistry into turmoil?”. Thus, when we eat, we need to be thinking CHEMISTRY, not calories. Your peace, happiness, and quality of life depend on it – APEX31.

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