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Pick Your Problems May 08, 2023 Alternate Text

Our brains fire in patterns. These patterns are formed by doing or seeing something for the very first time and storing that information in our brain’s filing system. Therefore, it is safe to say that every time the same activity is repeated you are actually not doing something you have not done before. It’s been merely plucked from the files of your memory bank and executed upon to get you a desired result. What does this mean? Well, anything that is done for the first time can be classified as “creating”. Anything that is done from repetition is us doing something from a point of auto pilot; examples include walking, driving, taking a shower, and so on. If you pay attention to this “auto pilot” mode of being, you will notice that your mind is carrying on the task at hand, while your thoughts are on other matters. Your mind can do this because the set patterns from past actions are there to support this automatic response mode. How many times have you carried out the physical washing tasks in the shower while thinking about where you will be going that day and what you would be doing. Chances are you washed your hair with the same direction, vigour and with even the same number of scrubs. Which arm gets washed first all the way down to your feet, barley giving it any real attention but doing it as well as all the times before.


Consider this … You will be absorbing new information and creating new patterns from the moment you are born; this continues over the years as all the things you do throughout a typical day are eventually fully discovered or stored. What naturally occurs next is a life where every day problems come your way, big and small, and with your stored files, you can get through them. This is called “surviving”. So, if day in and day out, all you do is survive the “problems” that typically arise, such as the “problem” of driving to work, or the “problem” of preparing a meal, shampooing your hair, etc., you end up living a life of mere “survival’ and not “creation”.


This is not where you want to be exclusively. This possibility of creating is really a marvelous gift bestowed only upon humans. Why waste it? How do we create? Simple. YOU CHOOSE THE “PROBLEM” instead of it choosing you!! Remember this: Problems are tasks, and you can choose the ones you want.


In creating a new “problem”, you must move towards it.  We as humans can flex those creative muscles anytime and anywhere. Any great achievement in history of mankind has been done when in “creation” mode; or said another way – moving towards a new “problem”.


One “problem” you can start moving towards today is that of your internal and external wellness. The challenge is not in the choosing to do so, it’s in the actual roadmap or plan you choose in moving forward towards this “problem”. How do I truly get healthy? This is where a well-structured, proven and highly effective plan will prove very beneficial. You want to cut through all the information and get to the straightest path to authentic wellness! Once you choose this “problem” as a goal, the road map is ready and waiting for you. Once you decide to walk towards this “problem” of your health and wellness and do so with the APEX31 Day Program you will experience your ability to “CREATE” a masterpiece.


THEN, with the newly stored “patterns” formed by doing the APEX31 Day Program, you will be able to naturally sustain that healthy lifestyle. Sound like an amazing “problem” to have?


Best in HEALTH!

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