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It's Not Your Fault - Time To Take Charge June 24, 2024 Alternate Text

Ever hear someone say, or perhaps you’ve heard yourself say, “I did a lot of emotional eating and put on so much weight. My own fault.” Well, this doesn’t sit right with us at iHEALTHe® Wellness. We understand the perceived logic, but we’d have to add a little more information to that statement. Let’s see if it’s a valid statement any longer. 

As it has been said here before, the body functions by way of chemistry. This means that it always deals with everything, such as food, stress, physical activity, rest, nutrients, hormones, environment, genetics, medications, and any other force that can be applied to the body.  In most cases, these can adversely affect the body, its gut flora, thoughts, and mood. 

Simply put, your mind is pretty much along for the ride whether this process is one at a time or all at once, pile on and conspire to put you into a tailspin. 

Read this statement carefully and think about it: “The gut is the first brain and the anchor to your health.”

Now, here is the question of the ages: “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?”  In other words, who is to blame for this tailspin you are in? It begs the question – did the tailspin make you emotionally eat, or did the very beginning of unhealthy eating put your gut out of balance, which put you into a tailspin, and you can’t seem to shake it?

Emotional eating rarely gravitates to broccoli and tofu. It gravitates to chemically designed foods to keep you coming back for more. These are processed, sugary, and fast foods. Foods that not only hit all the joy spots in the brain but also come with next to no nutrients, so you can’t stop eating them even if you’re full. Do you think you asked to be overweight, be tired all the time, and need medical intervention for autoimmune issues? Do you believe you were born thinking, “I can’t wait until I get heavy and unhealthy”? No one asked to be a club member, yet here we are. 

If you’d like to take responsibility for something, take responsibility for putting your foot down when it’s the hardest thing to do. 

Take responsibility for going against your body’s out-of-wack chemistry and demanding of yourself that you will be taking action to create the new you. You that isn’t dependent on the things that cause your cravings because saying, “ENOUGH!” is enough when you have the correct plan in place. You need nothing more than your conviction to turn things around, and iHEALTHe® Wellness is beside you. 

You were not responsible for choosing incorrectly when your guard was down. You were not responsible for the labs that purposely designed foods to get you addicted to them. 

You are only responsible for looking at it all, for what it is, being duped into it. Knowing that it’s just wrong for your wants and needs is moving forward, and now you’re doing something about it 

iHEALTHe® is here so that you get it done in only 31 days and done right –through WELLNESS.

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