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Inside Out January 02, 2023 Alternate Text

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have it all together? They have a way of talking and walking with pace and purpose. They do not need the approval of others and are simply going about their goals. They command a room with their presence and attract the right people and opportunities without being fazed by challenges. But how is that possible if they started off life just like anyone else?


Well, I have a theory on that. Human beings are constantly in search of one thing that they feel often eludes them. That thing is only a perception and NOT even a reality, but WOW do we ever look for it. Yes, you may have guessed it ... it is CONTROL!


Here is the low down. There is a certain inauthenticity about the whole thing. Control is, more often than not, an outward thing; a thing that we try to do to impose our will onto another person or a particular situation to get a desired response. We would say something enticing to get someone to do something or maybe even something threatening. For example, hearing your boss say, “If you don’t stay and work late today, don’t bother coming in tomorrow!” What is amazing about the whole control thing is that it is short lived. It must be a carefully chosen coarse statement or action to emphasize your power and to get the result you desire that suits you and not them. The inauthenticity here is evident because we get that feeling that this kind of pushing never really feels right.  It is most definitely not the best way to have a sense of control in your life at all.


So, what is the right way to gain control?


Well, the opposite of outward control is inward control. Sounds simple enough but the truth is, if mastered, it is real control, therefore NOT inauthentic!


People that have things all together have a firm grip on what they are offering and projecting to the world. They are not out to impress you.  A play on words is to say that they are IN to impress you. I mean in that they have spent much time understanding that the only tools they possess in this world are their mind and body. Look within for real control in life. If you control your mind or if you control your body, then you are halfway there. If you control both, then bingo, you are now one of those people!


The body part of the equation is by far the easiest. A body’s wellness that is in full control will definitely be noticed. With proper nutrition, activity, rest, and respect, you create a controlled body. An entity that emanates a positive vibration and powerful energy. If people are near you, they will see and feel it!  When the body is in full tuning, the mind will then feed off this and gain daily strength. This transformation is triggered by the iHEALTHe’s APEX31 Plan. Believe me, even being able to write this is proof enough for me that I am firing at all my best ability in full inward control. Before APEX31, I never wrote anything. Give it a try then tell me how it changed your life!

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