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Genetics vs Lifestyle January 25, 2022 Alternate Text

Whether you realize it or not, you affect your genetics through the foods you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and even the thoughts you think. Both good and bad choices always speak to our “genes” and modifies or changes the way our genes express themselves.

Our bodies are made up of DNA. Food is created with DNA as well. We are not genetically modified organisms. We should not consume GMO foods either. That will alter our DNA and cause damage to everything. Our genetic foundation all the way through to our cellular levels will be affected adversely. But it is never too late to make changes to our diet and lifestyle as our DNA can be corrected and healed.

Eat! But eat well. Our bodies are whole, needing full nutrients, fats, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and so much more REAL elements. Fat-free or low-fat foods, low or no-sodium foods have more chemicals to give taste. Do not be fooled by the labels. There are hidden sodium and sugars that are not always indicated.

There are so many misconceptions regarding fats and saying how bad it is for you. We need fats in our bodies. We need cholesterol, but of the good kind. We are made to think we are doing ourselves a favour by eating low or non-fat and sodium-free foods. But by doing this you are depriving your body from essential nutrition. Without healthy fats, our brain, nervous system and endocrine system will not function properly. Low-sodium and low or non-fat prepared foods in the market will affect your bones, heart, arteries, and circulation, as well as the brain and nervous system. These foods are EMPTY foods. There is nothing in them for our bodies to utilize and be sustained by.

Eat real foods. Eat whole foods. Eat healthy foods.

Live your life well. Eat well. Eat right. You have been given one body. So, treat it right and treat your life as the valuable gift it is.

Prioritize your gut health. To have a healthy and strong immune system, it is imperative to respect this foundation of our health. A healthy gut leads to a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy nervous system, healthy environment. As the resilient beings we are, we will be better able to adapt to and cope with life’s stresses and challenges thrown our way.

Eighty percent of our lifespan is not determined by genetics, but rather how we live is determined by our food, lifestyles, and thoughts.

True, we all have genetics carried down from our parents and ancestors. But that does not mean we are destined to succumb to inherent weaknesses. Genes are NOT our destiny.

Genes are our FOUNDATION. Our diet and lifestyle are what determine their strength and healthy state. From here is how we determine how the building is constructed.

Here at iHEALTHe® we strive hard to focus on the foundation of our health. Strong foundation means strong health, strong life, strong mind. It’s that first step that needs to be taken to take back our health and life.

Live strongly. 

While on this program the homoeopathic formulas will work to help remove the inflammation in the digestive system and all throughout the organs and help your glands become balanced and communicate properly with one another.

What is the best kept secret of real medicine?

The body heals itself if we create the right environment and conditions. But also, we need to stop doing the things that created or caused the sickness or imbalances in the first place.

Repair, Rejuvenate, and Reset.

Until next time. Wishing you always the best in health!

Fadia Habib

6175 Hwy 7, Unit 2A Vaughan, ON L4H 0P6
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