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Fight The Good Fight December 27, 2021 Alternate Text

Here’s a riddle for you. A dark wolf and a light wolf are in a constant battle in the forest. Which one will rule the forest?

Armed with only this information, one wonders how you would arrive at an answer. The answer is rather quite simple. It’s the wolf that you feed. 

It is now common knowledge that the first brain, within the human body, is the gut. The health of the gut determines the type and the quality of signals sent to the brain through the nervous system. For the same reasons, the gut is also responsible for how all other cells within the body converse and behave with each other. This then affects all of the health within the body, while at the same time, projecting the image that you emanate from that level of health or lack thereof.   

Remember, the dark wolf is sickness, and the light wolf is health. 

So, imagine your gut flora being made up of the light wolf and the dark wolf. From the moment we are born, every day and every night, a constant war is being fought within our bodies and it all stems from the gut. The job of the gut is to assimilate the nutrients from foods that we eat and the liquids that we drink. That then fuels all the processes that govern your brilliant body’s functions. 

Now we all know that access to fuelling the gut, is of course, through the mouth. 

So, every time we suffer issues like weight gain, brain fog, apnea, join pain, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol …. and the list goes on and on, it would be safe to say that the common denominator is food choice. What exactly did you put into your mouth that fed the dark wolf allowing it to get the upper hand on the light wolf? Now ask yourself how long have you been feeding the dark wolf, giving it the power to tear the light wolf apart and have it so injured that it can no longer fight the good fight? 

This is not a fair fight. When the dark wolf realizes it has the advantage, it howls out for reinforcements, grows in momentum and, sadly, in the wrong direction. The result are autoimmune issues that stem from inflammation due to how we chose to nourish our body. 

Now it is serious! Things like brain fog escalates to dementia, joint pain into rheumatoid arthritis, irregular cell production into cancer, and so on. 

What’s the answer?

Someone needs to be the keeper of the gates and be the surveyor of what food and drink is allowed in and what should very rarely, if ever, slip through. 

Look at yourself as the gate keeper. You have influence over when you will open the gates, for how long, and what you will allow in. You haven’t had success thus far? Look at iHEALTHe® as the light wolf’s protector, helping the gate keeper to turn around the momentum and restore power to the only ruler of the forest – the light wolf. 

Your first win is being aware that this war is always happening. Your biggest win is now you have a strategy and an ally with iHEALTHe®. You WILL win this fight.

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