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Belly Fat August 29, 2022 Alternate Text

How to get a six pack. 


Ever ask a question which the answer started with, “Well, I have good news and I have bad news”, then they ask you which you’d like to hear first? Happily, that’s not the case today! 

We have GOOD news, and we have EVEN BETTER news! Allow me to explain. Let’s start with the GOOD news first. 

It is widely accepted that if you want a six pack, it must come with a workout regimen fit for a Spartan warrior. Terms that are used to describe the movements deemed necessary to build you one, are:

- Hardstyle plank

- Dead bug

- Extension to cannonball 

- Dumbbell side bend 

- Barbell back squat

- Bird dog

- Crunches 

- Roman chair sit-ups

It does stop there as the list continues. However, here comes the good news. You never needed to do even one of those exercises OR even build a six pack because you were born with one! 

Your body is constructed in a manner that has your skeleton supported by lean skeletal muscle. To be clear, a six pack is NEVER built, it’s exposed! To add to this, targeting belly fat with exercise is to assume that you can isolate what area of your body you would like to burn fat around. That’s also not an accurate statement. When your body uses its fat for fuel, it is done throughout the entire body. This allows you to expose the rest of your wonderful physique along with your six pack. 

Now here is EVEN BETTER NEWS! You do NOT need to workout at all to do the job of unveiling your lean muscle. The job of fat burning is done through chemistry, NOT calories burned in the gym. 

You would be welcome to walk your way right into a six pack by simply doing the APEX31 Day Plan. The level of leanness you’d like to obtain is completely within reach and can be among the easiest things you’ve ever done to getting everything you’ve ever wanted! 

Authentic wellness without all the false claims, without tricking the body to burn fat, without forcing the result, and eventually rebounding. APEX31 is all about real results and making it STICK. This is what makes APEX31 the new Go-To plan around the world. 

If there was ever a manual for understanding how your body chemistry is everything, APEX31 is it. 

“THINK BODY CHEMISTRY, NOT CALORIES “– and expose your six pack.

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